How to write a effective resume which will help you to get hired!!

industrial training institute in chandigarhWriting a grand resume does not automatically mean you should follow the pattern you hear from the gossip of the world. Such as it cannot be of one page or we have to pursue a precise resume pattern. It should be appropriate to your circumstances and show accurately what you want resume to show.

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Who are we to be telling you how to write your resume? As part of our hiring (EME Technologies) practice, we have trained and advised n number of middle and near the beginning career professionals, artist, industrial people and others almost in every field. We hire for our self also and provide stipend based industrial training in Chandigarh or free 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh to the potential students.

Are you and senior manager or expert looking for an astonishing, efficiently written resume? As authors of this, the world’s most widely used; repeatedly updated guide to resume writing emails us we will revert right back to you.

Most resumes in the heap have only gotten a quick glance. But yours gets read, from start to end. Then, it gets put on top of the small heap of resumes that make the primary cut. These are the candidates who will be asked for interview.

Stand out from the crowd

Include unique and interesting things about you

Including such information to resume due to which you can impress the interviewer. That unique information can include your activities which you did in the past for example organized a technical seminar or having 10k followers on my blog.

Start with contact information

Name (bold, not underlined)

Your name must full name and must be in bold for better viewing. If it will not be clear your first impression will not be good. So be stylish and make it clear and visible.


Next is your address your address now it must be that where the recruiters can contact you this address must be the address where you can get your all the mails they will send to you.

Telephone number

Telephone number is very important where the company can directly or instantly call you and if they have the on call interview round then they can contact you without facing any problem this number must be your and must be with you all the time.



Email address

Email id must be professional such as not like

After these things the next point comes is Objective:

Objective must be written by you so that if they will ask you then you can directly tell them your objective so, don’t copy objective.

Key points for an objective:

  • One or two sentences
  • Type of position (part time, full time, summer internship)
  • Which spot would you like to get?
  • put emphasis on how you will utilize your skill-set, not what you want to increase

A good example of an objective:

Do not be needy:

To get a position that will let me to advance my potential while looking for new challenges.

Show what you will contribute:

A starting position in mechanical engineering where tough headship ability and good communication skills are required.




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