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Future of Java Technology

When Java was developed ab initio as OAK even its developers weren’t positive during which direction the technology can grow. and truly Java has taken Associate in Nursing surprising spin as a development technology. It started its journey with embedded applications however individuals found it somewhat slow once compare to C++. Java created invade internet within the kind of applets and dominated the globe for someday. then again came enterprise era with crusade of .NET and J2EE. during this article allow us to examine potential directions wherever there square measure possibilities Java can grow as development technology.

The Core (Dead???)

Some individuals say there’s no would like of separate Core Java, that is currently called J2SE. J2SE comprise of core Java parts and libraries like core language library, utilities, SWT, Swing, Networking, Security etc.

For Thick shoppers

Now-a-day individuals expect nice performance from applications that square measure hosted over cyberspace on some remote servers. Implementing thick consumer is one in all the solutions to realize higher performance for such applications. Thick consumer suggests that the implementation wherever consumer itself carries out some operations while not interrupting server for little things. Java applets square measure best candidate for thick shoppers. they will supply full-fledged complete functionalities albeit downloaded from a foreign server.

As a Base

To develop advanced parts and tools one invariably got to use the bottom library. J2SE provides basic libraries like language options, utilities and networking arthropod genus. Even J2EE and different Java technologies square measure extended or developed over the highest of such base libraries. With the ever-changing times, J2SE or Core Java isn’t about to lose its importance.

For Desktop

Sometimes back individuals began to believe that Java is supposed for internet applications solely. Java still will build its mark as development technology for stand-along applications. the sole disadvantage of Java for desktop applications is degraded performance. fashionable hardware will simply overcome this disadvantage. however at constant time Java comes with several blessings that applies to face alone applications too, like platform independence, measurability, straightforward to take care of, flexibility etc.

The enterprise kind of Java, that is understood as J2EE (Java two Enterprise Edition), is that the most notable Java design in use in fashionable situation. J2EE could be a combination of the many technologies bundled along to make a pack, that offers everything that’s needed to develop Associate in Nursing enterprise application. It comes with options like flexibility, measurability, object orientation, security, persistence, caching, performance calibration and plenty of additional.

In Full Swing

At the time once .NET was launched in market individuals began to believe that .NET can relish monopoly in market of enterprise application development technologies. however Java created its comeback with J2EE as outstanding technology for enterprise and internet applications. It started providing everything compatible to .NET in conjunction with its antique blessings like freed from value and platform independence. as a result of such blessings additional and additional individuals began to choose J2EE as their development technology to develop enterprise and internet applications. it’s been discovered in one survey that the quantitative relation of applications being developed victimization .NET and J2EE is 28-72. This shows importance of J2EE throughout the business. allow us to additionally analyze importance of parts and technologies forming a part of J2EE in enterprise applications.

JSP/Servlets : All applications developed over J2EE technology square measure victimization either Jsp (Java Serve Pages) or Sevlets directly or indirectly. Servlets square measure in use since a protracted time, as they were developed to produce a Java alternate to low speed CGI technology. Jsp was introduced to contend with ASP of Microsoft. Jsp provides straightforward to style layer over Servlets. In most cases Jsps and Servlets square measure used as read and controller layer of the applying if the applications if about to be developed in multiple tires.
EJB : Enterprise Java Beans higher familiar, as Ejb is another necessary and most generally used J2EE technology. Usage of Ejb provides everything to the developer that’s needed for enterprise applications together with instrumentation managed persistence, declarative transactions, caching, instance pooling, remote access etc. Ejb helps to create J2EE application additional climbable. Most time Ejb is employed to implement core business logic or the center tier of the applying. there’s still a dialogue if Ejb is absolutely important for J2EE applications or not.
JMS : Java electronic communication Service offers asynchronous communication between Java objects. It provides a customary method of such communication between JVMs victimization remote calls too.
JNDI : Java Naming and Directory Interface, that is wide employed by Ejb, is one in all the core parts of J2EE. It makes potential to attach and access objects and resources fro directory services like LDap.

New Trends

People square measure invariably in search of implementing J2EE, how that it are often used optimally. many new frameworks, practices and style patterns square measure develop to create correct utilization of benefits of J2EE. a number of them square measure mentioned here.

style Patterns : For enterprise applications it’s important that they’re neat before begin of their development part as a result of they’re massive in scale. And to style a J2EE application there’s invariably would like for years of expertise and experience over technology. a number of the planning patterns square measure MVC (Model-View-Controller), DAO (Data Access Objects), Session Façade, Front Controller, Composite read and plenty of additional.
Frameworks : Some organizations have developed their own frameworks over the highest of J2EE. Purpose once developing such frameworks is to produce functionalities that square measure common for all applications in order that applications are often developed at intervals a brief amount of your time. additionally such frameworks implement best J2EE practices to realize high performance and different blessings of J2EE. Some well-liked J2EE frameworks square measure Struts, Spring etc.
J2EE Best Practices : individuals have found ways that to utilize J2EE framework in such how that it will perform at its best and additionally it are often utilised with its all blessings like measurability, straightforward to take care of, flexibility, remote access etc. Such practices square measure employed by several developers and proved  to be helpful to realize such goals in J2EE applications. and also are called J2EE best practices. Most J2EE frameworks and style patterns square measure enforced in such how that they implement some proved  best practices.
New Technologies : The Java community that is controlled by Sun keeps together with new options and technologies to J2EE like JFS (Java Faces Service), Java.net, Java play, Java AI etc.


It is not that J2EE has everything that’s needed to develop Associate in Nursing enterprise application for contemporary situation. To contend with .NET it desires some additional enhancements in several areas.One major space is consumer facet parts. .NET comes with consumer facet parts those square measure rendered counting on style of browser employed by the consumer. This options if about to be achieved by JFS however its implementation isn’t complete nevertheless.

Another space wherever J2EE is insulant behind is, integration. it’s not that you simply go and install some J2EE kit and begin developing your application. you have got install and plug-in several things to realize your required goals in a very J2EE application. Java community ought to realize how to cop with this case and supply additional and additional options and functionalities with its customary kits.
Real Hopes

There square measure some areas of communication and data wherever Java has proved  it terribly helpful. Java incorporates a probability to grow additional and accomplish a lead in these areas.

Go Mobile

Mobile phone applications square measure terribly wide scope space wherever Java is getting used for its movability and independence. Most of mobile phones operate over Java implementations. Sun has its own implementations names as J2ME (Java two small Edition), however most transportable vendors have developed their own version of J2ME.

Apart from mobile phones Java applications also are important for different tiny devices like palmtops, digital diaries etc. as a result of its movability and independence from underlying hardware Java is being wide wont to develop applications those are often accessed through tiny devices.


This is the realm that Java programing language was ab initio supposed for. then again individuals found it to be terribly slow for Embedded applications. however currently daily Java is gaining additional quality to develop embedded applications. the explanation once such quality is its platform independence. constant embedded applications coded once are often wont to management many various sorts of machines and devices. therefore the principle of reusability is gaining additional quality among embedded applications community then Java.


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