Which Programming Language Should You Learn For Software Development? by EME Technologies, 6 Week stipend based industrial training in Chandigarh.

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When beginning on the trail of programming, it’s vital you invest it slow with wisdom in selecting to find out one thing which will each profit you within the immediate future with visible results on your platform of selection, moreover as obtaining you discovered for any future languages. Your selection can rely upon variety of things, therefore let’s take a glance at their characteristics, easy learning, and chance of earning you a living. I’ll conjointly show you some code to show “hello world”, the primary application many of us write once learning a brand new language.

In this initial half, we’ll be observing languages accustomed program computer code – as in applications that run on the pc or mobile devices. Next time we’ll consider the progressively vital space of web-programming languages, accustomed produce dynamic websites and interactive browser-based user interfaces.

There square measure 2 previous articles during this series which debate some fundamentals of any programming languages, therefore if you’re new programming then make certain to browse those too:

Variables and Datatypes
Functions, Loops and higher cognitive process


Java may be a full object-oriented language, powerfully written, with an intensive feature set centered on networking and cross-platform compatibility. Applications written in Java will run on nearly any OS – tho’ the performance won’t be nearly as good as one thing designed to run natively.

programming languages
It is the language of selection for many applied science courses, and consequently nearly everybody has a minimum of slightly Java programming expertise. mechanical man applications square measure written in Java too, tho’ you can’t merely run an everyday Java app on your mechanical man mobile nor vice-versa.

Likelihood of creating You cash

If you’ll be able to build AN app value charging for on the mechanical man marketplace, then the planet is yours for the taking. There’s conjointly plenty of enterprise-level Java jobs, however the competition is high and pay low.

[Note: Don’t confuse Java with Javascript, that may be a utterly completely different language used for net programming – we’ll consider this a lot of next time].


Though truly separate languages, they’re typically sorted along, as C++ is essentially AN increased version of C, adding object homeward-bound options. C++ is that the serious programmer’s language of selection, forming the idea of most pc games and most advanced Windows computer code. It’s high performance, however needs plenty a lot of exactitude on the programmers half once it involves memory management and consequently encompasses a steep learning curve. Not counseled for absolute beginners.
computer programming languages
Likelihood of creating You cash

With less competition than Java, C++ programmers can forever be in demand and paid well, particularly within the games trade.


Pronounced C sharp, this is often Microsoft’s similar to Java (though the 2 have since diverged with a lot of pronounced differences) – a general purpose object-oriented strongly-typed language. Performance is nice, tho’ not as quick as C++. computer code written in C# needs .Net framework to run and is Windows-only.
computer programming languages
Likelihood of creating You cash

There’s a decent range of company C# jobs out there for enterprise solutions, however you’re not likely to form cash on one piece of computer code unlike mobile development. Still, it’s a fun language and straightforward to find out for beginners, definitely I’d advocate it if you’d wish to specialize in Windows solely.

You can transfer Microsoft Visual Studio specific for gratis, that helps greatly with GUI planning and code completion. you’ll be able to conjointly use it for Visual Basic and lots of different Microsoft-branded programming languages.
Visual Basic

Another of Microsoft’s contributions, Visual Basic is AN event-driven language focussed on easy GUI-based apps. Event-driven means the code you write can typically be reacting to what the user will – what happens after they click that button, as an example. It’s unbelievably straightforward to find out and find an easy app up and running, however ultimately restricted and maybe not the simplest for truly learning basic programming ideas.

Visual Basic

Another of Microsoft’s contributions, Visual Basic is an event-driven language focussed on simple GUI-based apps. Event-driven means that the code you write will generally be reacting to what the user does – what happens when they click that button, for example. It’s incredibly easy to learn and get a simple app up and running, but ultimately limited and perhaps not the best for actually learning fundamental programming concepts.

computer programming languages
Objective-C / Cocoa

This is the Apple mack language upon that most OSX and iOS applications square measure engineered. Technically, Objective-C is AN extended version of C with object-oriented options, very like C++, however is almost forever combined with the Cocoa framework for building graphical user interfaces and better level options on the mack platform. you need to even be careful with memory management.
programming languages
The syntax and ideas you would like to find out square measure quite complicated compared to a language like Java or C#, however on the opposite hand, Apple provides a comprehensive free development atmosphere (XCode) and tools that build the method of making real, useable apps fairly straightforward. There’s conjointly a wealth of written and video tutorials out there to guide you, therefore it’s definitely a lot of accessible than C++. It’s essentially your solely selection for OSX and iOS development, however you’ll be ready to write for each the Apple desktop and mobile atmosphere with the one language.


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